Modernization of Socar Azerikimya Petrochemical Complex, Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Modernization of Socar Azerikimya Petrochemical Complex, Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Client: Vendors of the plant

Project cost: 50 mln USD

Period: 2016 - 2019

About the Project:

The modernization project includes building of four new steam pyrolysis furnaces and a pressure swing absorption (PSA) hydrogen treatment unit which will enable to bring purification of the hydrogen fraction to 99.9 percent. It is also planned to build a new hydrogen electrolysis unit, a new propane-propylene fraction (PPF) purification unit, which cleans raw materials from polluting substances and poisons (sulfur, water, arsenic, mercury, phosphine, mono and carbon dioxide), a dry gas cleaning unit, a new distributed control system (DCS) for ethylene and propylene plant (EP-300), and a new ethylene and propylene storage facility. Reconstruction of the existing propane-propylene fraction separation unit will increase propylene productivity from 136,000 to 187,000 tons.

Triton Consulting developed technical passports of the equipments supplied for the project.
“SOCAR HAOR-Haydar Aliyev Oil Refinery Modernization and Reconstruction Project” in Baku, Azerbaijan
“SOCAR HAOR-Haydar Aliyev Oil Refinery Modernization and Reconstruction Project” in Baku, Azerbaijan

Client: Maire Tecnimont Group, Italy (TCM-KT JV SrL)

Volume : to increase the production capacity of the refinery to 7.5 million tons per year

Project Cost: Overall cost 1.7 bln USD

Period: 2018-2022

About the Project: 

Maire Tecnimont subsidiaries Tecnimont and KT-Kinetics Technology have been awarded an approximately $800m engineering procurement and construction (EPC) contract for new facilities as part of the modernization and reconstruction of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic’s (Socar) Heydar Aliyev Baku oil refinery. The scope of the project entails the installation of several new grass root process units, the relevant utilities and storage with the final aim to upgrade the refinery facilities to be capable of processing 7.5 MMTPA of crude oil, while meeting quantity and quality requirements of products both to feed Azerikimya revamped petrochmical plant and to produce Euro V quality automotive transportation fuels. Among the new process units in the scope it is worth mentioning a Naphtha Splitter, a Diesel Hydrotreater Unit, an Isomerization Unit, a Hydrogen Production Unit, two PSA Units, a C4 Hydrogenation Unit, a MTBE Unit, a Sour Water Stripper Unit with Sulphur Recovery Unit.

Reconstruction works at the refinery are planned in 3 stages:

Construction and commissioning of a new bitumen plant and associated plant facilities, as well as a new gas-filling station in Phase I in 2018;

Construction of new facilities for production of diesel fuel that meets the Euro-5 quality standard at the second stage by the end of 2020 and the implementation of relevant reconstruction works;

In the final stage, the construction and reconstruction of the new Ai-92/95/98 petrol products, meeting the Euro-5 quality standards in 2021.

The quality of gasoline and diesel fuel produced by the works will meet the Euro-5 standard and the production of Ai-92/95/98 petrol will be provided at the plant.

“Socar Polymer Polypropilen and High Density Polyethylene” Plants in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan
“Socar Polymer Polypropilen and High Density Polyethylene” Plants in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

Client: Maire Tecnimont Group, Italy (Tecnimont SpA & KT-Kinetics Technology SpA)

Plant Capacity: The production capacity of the PP plant is 180,000 t/yr and HDPE Plant is 120,000 t/yr

Project cost: around 800 mln USD

Period: 2015 –2018

About the Project:

The complex of plants constructed in a 30 ha site reserved within the SCIP (Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park) for Socar Polymer. LLC. Production capacity of the polypropylene plant is 180,000 ton a year. The HDPE plant's production capacity is 120,000 ton a year. The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the polypropylene plant, ancillary utilities and offsite facilities was awarded to Maire Tecnimont (Italy), who executed the project through its subsidiaries Tecnimont and Kinetics Technology. The project management consultant (PMC) is Fluor.

Triton Consulting provided consulting services to EPC Contractor Tecnimont SpA & KT-Kinetics Technology SpA and developed more than 300 technical passports and certificates for equipments supplied for the plant.

“Labdisc concept” Baku, Azerbaijan
“Labdisc concept” Baku, Azerbaijan

Owner: Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic

Client: Santec Ltd (Israel)

Volume: 50 Pilot school

Period: 2014-2015

About the Project:

“Labdisc” is a mini laboratory project for education facilities. In 2014, the concept was introduced in Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan was given detailed information about this concept. From the first acquaintance with this mini-laboratory, which is mainly for K-12 (secondary) educational programs, interest has increased. In 2015, the Ministry of Education decided to apply this equipment to 50 schools in Azerbaijan as a pilot project. It was decided to apply Labdisc concept to 50 secondary schools appointed by the Ministry of Education as a pilot project for the 2015-2016 academic year. On April 6, 2016, the Ministry of Education held an event on the successful implementation of the Labdisc Concept in Baku and the awarding ceremony of the teaching staff who successfully implemented this product was also provided with the relevant certificate.

Triton Consulting provided consulting services, coordination with Ministry of Education, arranging meetings and trainings, presentation of the product, preparation contract and other necessary paperwork.

“Hotel Management Training Service” Project
“Hotel Management Training Service” Project

Client: Ministry of Education and Absheron Hotel Group

Participants: 220 trainee

Period: 2014

About the Project: 

For the first time in Azerbaijan, this project was implemented to train professionals in the field of tourism and provide them with relevant professional certificates. With the participation of specialists invited from Absheron Hotel Group, 220 training courses were organized for hotel and tourism staff. In this project, the Ministry of Education provided its professional certificates to the practitioners participating in the project.
Triton Consulting provided consultancy services, Coordination between parties, inviting trainers from abroad and providing trainings, translation services, preparation contract and other necessary paperwork.

Solid Waste Management Plant, Baku, Azerbaijan
Solid Waste Management Plant, Baku, Azerbaijan

Owner: Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Republic

Client: CNIM S.A (France)

Volume: Inceneration of 500,000 mt waste

Project Cost: 364 mln Euro

Period: 2008-2013

About the Project:

The plant capacity is 500,000 t / per year. The construction site of 20 hectares is located in the area of the Balakhany landfill. The facility will generate

231,500 megawatt of electricity from incineration of household waste. An agreement on design, building, operating and provision of technical services on «turn-key» basis for the waste-to-energy plant was signed with the winning bidder French Constructions Industrielles de la Mediterranee S.A. (CNIM S.A.) on December 15, 2008. The plant was completed in 2012 with success.

Triton Consulting provided consulting services, coordination with governmental organizations, coordination with design institute for adaptation of the design, obtaining necessary approvals, translation services.