Business Development
Business Development

1. Incorporation Consultancy through solution partners

a) Legal & Tax advisory

b) Opening Branch offices

c) Company formation

d) Company structure advisory

2. Providing Temporary/Permanent Serviced Office

a) hourly, daily or long term office place rental

b) all office appliances & other equipments provided

c) fully equipped meeting room

3. Expatriate Services

a) Finding Accomodation and Providing Related Services

b) Visa&Work Permit Applications

Project Consulting
Project Consulting

1. Feasibility Studies

a) Business plan development

b) Market Research

c) Financial forecasts

d) Market entry strategies


2. Fund Raising Networking

a) Finding investors for projects

b) Finding financing solutions for investments

Operational Support
Operational Support

1. Operational Consultancy

a) Working one-to-one with project teams to provide smooth operation

b) Assisting management in relations with clients, local private institutions and governmental institutions

c) Working in front-line for solving operational problems

d) Providing translation services

e) Assisting adaptation of project design works for local approval process

f) Supporting to obtain necessary permits, approvals, licenses etc.

g) Assisting to complete Handover process

h) Preparation of technical passports and certificates for equipment/items

i) Assisting to find local subcontractors and to work with them

j) Recruitment of personnel and / or subcontract Companies as business partners