Start date of construction of SOCAR GPC complex announced

Construction of SOCAR GPC complex, consisting of gas processing and polymer factories, is scheduled to start in late 2018 - early 2019, stated the presentation of Sulaco Company, made May 4 at the public hearing of the Report on assessment of environmental impact of the project.

It is noted that one of the objectives of this project is the purification and processing of natural gas to higher international standards.

"At the exit, the complex will annually produce 9.1 billion cubic meters of purified gas, 600,000 tons of low-and high-pressure polyethylene, 130,000 tons of propylene, 42,000 tons of benzene, and 25,000 tons of gasoline. Also, 32,000 tons of butene-1 and 21,000 tons of hexene-1 will be produced for internal use," the presentation says.